Career with us


The basis of our success is the team of professionals, everyone of which contributes to the improvement and development of  CP Foods business.

We guarantee formal employment. Insurance payments, paid vacation and sick leave for us is the pledge of stability and reliability that the company will provide you as our rightful employees. You will save the balance between your work and personal time. CP Foods appreciates your vacation privilege, rest on public holidays and abides by the labor legislation of the Russian Federation in this.


In CP Foods we follow the high-performance attitude, where honest and open-minded people introduce their innovation, trying to achieve the professional growth, as well – they share their skills and knowledge, adopting to changes in order to reach the peak of professional advantage and integrity, providing well-being.


For those who are willing to share the international acknowledgement and triumph of CP Foods team,  those, certain of their potential and looking forward to use it – the doors of CP Foods are always open.


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