Aminal feed mill



Large-scale animal feed mill, provided with the most up-to-date equipment, having its annual production capacity as high as 240 000 tons. Every production process is managed following local and international standards of quality and safety – which prevents any possible deviations during each separate production process.


Every incoming feed truck delivering raw materials for feed production is to pass through quality control, prior it gets to the unloading section. Moreover – all trucks necessarily go through the disinfection area, which grants to absence of microbes, dust and any other factors, that might cause ill effect because of alien organisms and particles. The raw materials acceptance is being tracked by means of an integrated computerized base, - security post, and weighing area, warehouse, - with every single record being managed by the Purchasing department by means of raw materials database.



After this, the automatic system of motor and railway receipt moves the arrived raw materials into sealed warehouse premises, with the strict control of possible hazardous factors such as insects and rodents.



There are several production sectors at the feed mill of CP Foods in Russia – the ingredients mixing, pelleting and – the finished goods are, with every sector serving to conserve the good nutritional features of the produced animal feeds.



This way ready animal feed are marked as safe – for animals’ health, perfectly fitting the digestive apparatus of different animal types and ages. Nutrients are easily digested, which facilitates the optimum development process for all kinds of animals and fowls.



Each pellet contains the full set of necessary nutrients and its smell serves as attractive means for animals.



Finished feeds are being stocked by automatic computerized system of high accuracy, which prevents the ingress of any alien matters.


The Animal Feed Mill fleet provides the products to be delivered directly to the Customers’ farm, containing all the healthy proprieties of fresh-produced feeds. All feed trucks go through necessary treatment prior the feed mill site entrance – which removes the dirt and any possible infection carriers. Feeds unloading from silo bins is being operated within a closed system, serving as well to secure the feed from the ingress of any dirt and hazardous matters. Besides all the vehicles from the Company’s fleet have GPS tracking devices mounted, which allows to track down the entire route of feed truck – from the feed mill site to the Customers’ farms – following the designed schedule.