Live weight pork


CP Foods Russia  grows and sales of these breeds of swines:

1) Landrace (L): white, with long, elongated, light head and drooping ears. There is no gene for stress. In breeding it is used as the maternal line. Very large nest size and excellent maternal qualities of this breed are excellent for using as maternal lines for hybrid sows.

2) Yorkshire (Y): white, short and broad head, ears protrude. There is no gene for stress. In the breeding program it is used as mothers for the hybrid sows production, and is also used for the production of pigs for fattening and sows with a high index paternal line.

3) Duroc (D): color varies from light brown to almost black. Head short, broad and heavy, with a small hanging ears. There is no gene for stress. While crossbreeding it is used as a paternal line. The breed has a high gain in live weight and a high index of feed conversion. Boars Duroc have valuable economic qualities for getting fattening pigs. The breed is also used to produce hybrid boars.

4) Large White (LW): white color, strong-built. Head is fairly light, moderate size with a wide forehead. It is related to the meat-fat (universal) production efficiency breeds.

Growing and fattening stages:

  1. Piglet from 0 to 2 months
  2. Piglet from 2 to 4 months (growing)
  3. Fattening pigs from 4 to 6 month
  4. Repair sows and boars (main flocks)


Pigs are grown by our produced mixed fodder. Before feed introduction in the diet of pigs, it is thoroughly checked at all production stages (starting with the cultivation of seeds, to shipment from the factory). Our technologists has specially developed feed program for all pig growing stages:

-1-5 weeks: prestarter (HI-GRO 550S) for pigs weight less than 16 kg

-6-7 weeks: prestarter (HI-GRO 550) for pigs weight less than 16 kg

-8-10 weeks: starter (HI-GRO 551) for pigs weight less than 30 kg

-11-14 weeks: grower 1 (HI-GRO 551L) for pigs weight 20-50 kg

-15-19 weeks: grower 2 (HI-GRO 552) for pigs weight 25-75 kg

-20-24 weeks: finisher (HI-GRO 553) for pigs weight more than 60 kg.