CP Foods worldwide


CP Foods initiated its activities in Thailand back in 1921, as a modest family business bound with agricultural seed sales which in the end run turned into one of the most impressive holding companies of the world. CP Foods is an active asset of  CP Group, among other companies operating the investments in such fields as: telecommunications, banking,  development, retails, fast food restaurants etc. СP Foods runs its businesses following a profound vertical integration pattern, which is unique as concerns worldwide agricultural operations. There are own crop lands in the Company’s property, own feed mills and meat-processing plants, retail outlet networks and fast food restaurants. Today СР Foods is a vertical-integrated public enterprise having its investments implemented in 14 countries of the world, which includes Russia as well, with the turnover exceeding 14 bil. USD and sale operation in more than 40 different countries.


Here are the Company’s notable achievements:

1st rate at the worldwide market of animal feed producers (aggregate annual production volumes - 27,6 mil. tons)

Leading animal feed producers worldwide


2nd rate among the World’s Top Pork Producers (annual pork production volumes -1,5 mil. Tons)


Biggest pork producers worldwide


4th rate at the World's Chicken eggs producers top-list (layers stock - 22 mil.heads)


Bigest chicken egg producers worldwide


6th  rate at the World’s Poultry Market


Biggest poultry meat producers worldwide



One of the biggest world’s producers of Aquafarming (annual production volumes -300 th.tons) and – the processed Goods (annual production volumes -500 th.tons)

Annual export volumes of ready-to-eat products make 500 000 tons.      






CP - Kitchen of the World