Animal Feed





Up-to-date feed mill deals with full-ratio feeds productions for agricultural animals and fowls, providing all the necessary vitamins and minerals throughout the production cycle. As follows from the internal requirements of the Company – we use only high-quality raw materials with the prevailing share of domestic origin ingredients.


CP Foods animals feeds are being developed following the requirements of Russian safety and quality standards and demonstrate high nutrition value. A continuous experience of successful operation allows to produce individual formulation feeds – following the Customers’ expectations.

NUMEORUS VARIETIES OF ANIMAL FEEDAmong a variety of animal feed suppliers it is evident to pick CP Foods because:


  • Feed formulations are  fine-tuned at the Company’s own production sites
  • Our experts grant their professional advice throughout the feeding process
  • Russian raw materials take the biggest share in the feeds composition.
  • Developing feed following the Customers’ formulations

CP Foods Russia introduces a products of domestic origin the Russian swine farmers. The products that may easily challenge the imported goods of  similar nature, demonstrating even a better performance, 

proven by the experimental farms:


  • Perfect weight gain
  • Low FCR
  • High livability

Each feed line covers the complete feeding cycle of animals, which makes our Customers certain on the constant premium quality of our full-ratio feeds and – throughout the feeding period.

A dedicated feeding program was elaborated for every feed type – with further testing at the Company’s own farms as well as – at the farms of our patrons.

Our feeding experts are willing to share their backgrounds and experience, staying at the Customers’ farm within the period of experimental feeding term.