"Charitable assistance -2019»


 In the end of August 2019 CPF Russia executed the CSR project 2019. This year special donation certificates were awarded to 14 social institutions in Moscow, Kursk and Kaluga regions. Common budget of donation is estimated more than two million rubles.

In Lukhovitsy region new plastic windows were installed in Matyra State school and Vrachovo State kindergarten. In Oreshkovo State school was made reconstruction of outside stairs, old one was damaged and armature stuck out of it. For Social Center of disabled children there was fixed the bus for future children transferring and purchased new laptops. Currently children can do homework without any problems and play games with their friends. Center for creativity development for children and teens got a new wardrobe so now parents do not worry about clothes of their kids. It was also made donation to Kazan church in Sushkovo village for restoration.

In Silver lakes region the Company helped to State schools. Klemovo State school received a new refrigerator and a set of sound hardware so we hope that now the school`s festivals are more ‘soundful’ and singing.  In Petrovskaya State school there were installed new plastic windows.

In Kaluga region CPF Russia helped Begichovo State school to install new windows. Administration of Lenina village was given a new movable diesel-electric generator by our Company with a big pleasure.

In Glushkovo village, Kursk region, we helped “Rainbow” State Kindergarten and purchased them new children furniture. For “Cranberry” State Kindergarten was purchased a new big conventional oven. In the Central Glushkovo hospital in the therapeutic department were delivered new beds with mattresses. We were also glad to help the Administration of the Kobylki village to repair the pumping station.

As you know, the main value of CPF Russia is the three benefits on the path to stability: for the country, the population and the company. The company policy claims that it`s our duty to help social organizations at the territories where the business of the Company is conducted. Our employees are always happy to join any charity events and share with their positive emotions. The best reward for execution of CSR programs is the words of gratitude, positive feedback and smiles of the people who we helped.