New Production Site


 Construction of a new production site is in full swing in the Skopinsky district, Ryazan region. The situation with restrictions in connection with measures against the spread of viral infections in the coun-try complicates the work for CPF construction team, but they are purposefully moving towards completion.
The new site is much larger and more powerful than the company's operating pig farms. For comparison, the territory of the production complex is 4 km x 5 km and is designed for 6,000 sows and about 80,000 pigs at a time. Impressive! We are waiting for the completion of construction and launch of the complex.
On October 7, on the eve Of the Agricultural and Processing Indus-try Workers Day, veterans–farmers of the Skopinsky district were welcomed at the construction site of the new pig complex.
Kurt Thomsen, Director of capital construction at CPF construction LLC, told the tourists about the progress of the work.